Each timepiece is warranted against manufacturing defects for 24 months from its date of purchase.
The warranty will be automatically applied. There's no need to register your timepiece.

The warranty doesn't extend to natural marks e.g. leather scars and patina, or where the straps shipped with the watch are too long/ short for your wrist.
The warranty doesn't cover damage that in our opinion is caused by wear and tear, surface treatment, accident or mishandling.
The warranty will be void if the item was handled differently from the instructions in the user manual or by an unauthorised third party.

For every valid warranty claim we will, at our discretion, repair or replace the item or, if that isn't commercially reasonable, issue you a refund.
Turnaround time, excluding shipping, is usually 2 weeks for minor repairs, and 4 weeks for major ones. We don't respond to requests for progress updates.

If you bought the timepiece directly from us and the warranty claim is made within 30 days from its date of purchase, shipping costs will be borne by us.
If you bought directly from us and the claim is made within 12 months, the cost of shipping your item to us will be borne by you.​
For all other claims the cost of shipping, to us and back to you, will be borne by you.

Contact us via our website. We don't provide aftersales support via social media.
If you bought from a dealer, we suggest you contact the dealer first.

Your watch can be serviced and repaired by any third party watchmaker.
If you prefer, you can contact us to have it serviced or repaired by us instead. Our workshop is in HongKong.

For all work performed by us the cost of shipping, to us and back to you, will be borne by you.